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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
I don't know I smells to me that the Reem has done some kind of back hand deal with the UFC that has lead to him not only exiting the Strikeforce GP, but also if what I think is true I think he has screwed his team mates over at Golden Glory in order to benefit more for himself.

I think the entire story and dropping of the GG team was a play to pull just the Reem out of contract deals with showtime and Strikeforce in order to get him over to the UFC before taking more risks like the possibility of losing to Big Foot.

If my theory is correct, then I think because the deal he had with Striekforce and maybe Showtime was done through his team and management then if he leave his team and management he will become a free agent and able to join the UFC.

Will be interesting to see how this pans out because I think Zuffa ditching the GG team was only the first step, I think the next step will be Overeem leaves GG under the illusion that they will not do business under Zuffa terms yet the Reem still wants to fight in the UFC making it look like his only option in order to progress with this dream is to leave GG and join another gym, in which case the next step will be the Reem does exactly this leaves his Gym and goes to train elsewhere then signs up on a big money deal with the UFC for himself and cutting all the coaches and training partners and management out of the deal who have helped him to develop into the fighter he is.

I save judgement until I see what happens next but if that does happen then I will lose respect for the guy for been a dirty back stabbing b@stard and hope so much that Big Foot goes forth and wins the Strikeforce GP to then follow up by following the Reem to the UFC and getting the Reem fight which right now should rightfully be his, and I hope Big Foot becomes the man to give Overeem a serious lesson in respect by beating the cr@p out of him.


Talent wise I have no doubt the Reem has got it but if your not going to stay true to the guys that made you what you are today and worse still cut a back hand deal that screws all your team mates out of there contracts in order to benefit more for just yourself, then I don't care how much talent you have as a fighter you will never have my support.
You have a good point on the showtime deal, but Kanto also has a good point regarding Valentijn. Then again he has a mediocre record and despite his experience, doesn't have the MMA skills to make any waves with Zuffa.

I'm all for Overeem leaving GG, as his ground game suffers from training with a team that focuses primarily on kickboxing. But if he is leaving on these terms, then its a dickhead move and would be a very selfish career decision. They've all lost their jobs with Zuffa, all he'd lose is K1 and Dream bouts, hardly a fair deal on the likes of JOE and Kharinotov

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