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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
Maybe you should get into a better gym.

There is very rarely any "low life loser" or "meatheads" at my gym. And whenever a guy does stroll in like that he washes out in a week if that.

The attitude of the guys in a gym is based completely off the owner of the gym, if everyone in there is a meathead and a douchebag, that speaks volume about the gym owner.
Same experience and advice here. A good trainer knows that these kind of wannabe tough douchebags are not good for his gym. Neither are they going to be good competitors to represent the gym, because usually they don't commit to the training and just want to bang without technique, nor are they good for the other people to train with, because they don't respect their training partners' health. So a good trainer makes them leave the gym soon one way or the other, either by telling them directly that they don't fit to gym or by making the training very uncomfortable for them.
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