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Originally Posted by beardsleybob View Post
Personally I resent the OP's negative tone towards Muay Thai and MMA gyms. Sure a lot of gyms do attract some unwelcome attention, but that happens in any sport. People get into it for the wrong reason. They portray themselves as some alpha male and inevitably it bites them in the ass. They learn to behave and the problem disappears. No reason to tar everyone else with the same brush. My MT gym has a very nice environment, very little problems and we have fun. Like I said we do get a few posers from time to time but they don't stay long.
I completely agree, what I get from the OP is that this guy seems to think because he been training longer that new guys who have probably gained interest in training Muay Thai or MMA though the growing populating of the sport are somehow not welcome and don't deserve to train at his gym, and he just chooses to look down on them as losers only in it to try and act tough.

Now maybe his gym has been over run by a group of ass holes who knows how can we judge since we have never met the guys in question that he is labelling, but the ball could swing the other way also and it could be the case like a said above where he just decided to foresee them in that way when really they are just ok guys with a love for the sport who chose to join a gym because they felt training in MMA could be fun and/or a good way to keep fit, which are both true fact Training MMA is fun and a good way to keep fit even for those who have no intention of ever competing.

I can only speak for the gym I train at when I say that guys sometimes come and go, sometimes new people start up and chose to say, some have targets and join to maybe get them self in shape or to just learn enough to give them some basic fight knowledge then leave after they have reached the targets they set for themselves, but all are welcome whatever there reason for joining and as long as they follow the instructions for the lesson and understand they are in a training session and not a competitive fight, for example in sparing some blows are saved for the bags or when rolling GnP is forbidden aside from a few jabs to the ribs or legs of your opponent in our gym, if you want to practice GnP to the head then you hit the floor next to the head no the person, if anyone was to break that rule and start smashing down elbows and strikes to there opponents head like in a real match then they would be out quicker than they could run and never be allowed back.

But then that has never happened where I go, all new guys are welcome and given there chance as long as they follow the rules set for the sessions which can vary from session to session depending on the purpose of the session, and if anyone new feels they they are not quite ready to engage in the full acceptance of the session for example sparing but they want to just body spar and not get hit in the head, then its down to there training partner to respect that and stay within a level where there training partner feels comfortable. and like I say I have never seem anyone break these boundaries in training, so all have always been welcome and have worked together to help develop each other without resentment coming from ether new starters or guys in there who have been training for years against the new starters.

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