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Originally Posted by Leed View Post
Nah, I don't have any friends who are in to surfing. Doubt any of them have any interests in watersports in general. No one to show the ropes, but I know my dad would love to try it also.
Is there any "board height/your height" system for beginners, like in snowboarding? Are shorter boards better for starters? Or should I just pick a random one?

Just read a little bit deeper into the topic and found out that it's pretty much impossible to surf here (you can with your own board but the waves are so limited, there aren't any surf places with renting etc available.) I guess I'll have to plan a surfing trip somewhere!
Well craigs list might turn up some. A long board is better for starters. Well thats what I was told. A longer heavier board is slower and more stable. You have to paddle harder to get your speed up but it sits higher up on the water. Now with the long board you wont be shooting up over the waves and all that but its better for those rolling waves.

Here is a pretty good break down I just found

Credit to M.C !!
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