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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Yeah, I think for an upstart promotion they compensate their fighters well. They aren't overpaying them like Affliction or not paying them like Nemesis. Overall I think they could give the UFC a run for their money in the long run.
I dont know man, their tournament format is a bit jarring.Its so spaced out and with so little promotion even the average fan forgets where things left off..

They have so few stars & when money fights are ripe something always falls through.Like take the huerta/alveraz match that should've been a "special feature" off the bat.But rbeny tried to play it cool to sell his tourney and huerta got exposed..The winner of the tourney gets injured so huerta ends up as a sub to fight alveraz in the end.But now not only has the fight lost its lustre but its basically a throw away fight..

Another example is pitball/warren, everyone wants to see it & we should see it but probably wont.Because pitball got injured and warren (who is probably sick of waiting) is dropping down..Its just little things like that thats goin to keep it from breaking through

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