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Originally Posted by Leed View Post
If you're not just saying that, how much does a prostitute cost?
Not serious, more wishful thinking xD I'll probably go home have some whiskey watch a couple new episodes of hbo shows and be lame.

But let's say I was serious. Three hot girls (Asian, red head and some fine young lass with huge tits) for the night at my house, I could probably get that through an agency/escort service for 2400usd or so. Just hoodrats off the street I could probably get it for 4-500usd. Average prostitute on the street charges around 50-150$ for a straight lay. It really varies from hooker to hooker. Not saying I have ever used a hooker, my opinion is that the chase, thrill of the hunt, moment of success are some of the best parts of ******* a stranger.

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