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Mon 8-22: 3.5 mile run, 15 min. bike, then ate too much and had a drink that night. *facepalm*
Tue: 4 mile run, 15 min. bike
Wed: 2 mile run, 20 min stepmill, 10 min bike. It felt like such a fail because I'd like to be 4- or 5- miling on a regular basis. I want to test for green belt in both arts this fall/winter and I want my conditioning to be great.
Thur: 4 mile run. I reconfigured my day because I thought I was going to miss judo this evening to go see my older daughter play and sing. I should have seen the last minute change of plans coming; I don't think we're going now. Additionally, I haven't heard a thing from my judo sensei re: whether or not I'm testing next month. I'm not sure if this is some thing where I'm supposed to get rageface and Learn a Lesson in Patience if he promotes my uke before me. My uke set up his test thinking that we would test together, as we did for the last two belts. It wasn't till I asked the instructor essentially WTF was going on that he sent an email out to everybody in the club saying that he was no longer testing students in tandem, as he felt it shortchanged the student and made it harder for him and whatever higher belt was helping him to evaluate the results. I still feel that was something that could have been brought to everyone's attention much sooner, but I already said I don't get uptight about that kind of thing anymore, as the hierarchichal nature of training is becoming more clear to me.
Fri: rested
sat: Judo was way more strenuous and demanding, and we did a bunch of new drills. One of the brown belts went to YMCA judo camp in Huguenot, somewhere toward the Hudson Valley region, I think. It looks like some major changes are going to be gradually implemented in the way our program is conducted and taught, and I'm very excited my sensei has listened to this particular black belt candidate. Hopefully the focus of training for higher belts will move away from boooooring nage no kata, also.
Sun: rested

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