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            's Grand Training Facility Directory

Hello All! Well, after taking some time to gather up some money and doing some research, I found myself a place to train and I’ve completed my first week in. I must say that I’ve never knew that the aftermath of 2 rounds of Jumping Rope would be sore legs for the rest of the week. But I digress...

As I’ve noticed, many newer posters have come in looking for places (or suggestions on places) to train. As we now have 13,560+ members (and that is constantly growing) some of us who train in the Martial Arts, and some of us are looking for a place to train. Because of that, I thought it would be best to create a central place that all of us can use to look up Dojos, Gyms, and Training Centers. So if you currently train, please let us know where you train, and other information. In fact you can copy and paste the template I have below and just fill in the blanks. Most of it should be self-explanatory. Even so, I’ve left instructions.

Facility Name: (Put the name of your place of training here)
Location: (City and State/Province and/or country if applicable)
Website URL: (If available)
Phone Number(s): (List a useable contact number for the facility, not any of its trainers)
Style(s) Taught: (List all styles that are taught at the facility)
Instructor(s): (List the name of main instructors here)
Miscellaneous: (List any thoughts or interesting factoids in this area here)
This way anyone on the forum can browse through this section, and they will have (hopefully) a wealth of information and contacts about training facilities that may be local to them. There are a few things that I want to make clear:

1) Do not post pricing schedules. This is not always available online, and the choice to make that information available is up to the individual training facilities. Let’s respect that decision.
2) Do not blast any of the training facilities or any of the styles listed. Any posts of that type will be deleted and the poster will be warned. Please be open minded enough to respect the arts/styles that your other forum-goers are studying. If you have a real issue with a given style or facility, open a topic in either the Standup or Grappling sub-forums. This topic is not meant to be a breeding ground for flames or insipid “TMA vs. MMA” debates.
3) Do not request information on any particular training facility by posting in this topic. Any posts doing so will be deleted. If you do have a question that you want a particular poster to answer about their training facility, PM the poster for it. I want this thread to be simply a directory, nothing else.
4) Do not start threads about “training stories” in this topic. Any posts of that type will be deleted. It doesn’t matter if the story is positive or derogatory. Again, this topic will be used as a directory, nothing else.
5) Do not post any personal information on any members or instructors of your training facility in this thread. Doing so will get your post deleted, and a warning. This should be common sense. I for one would not want my personal info out on the forums for everyone to see.

With that said, let’s get this started shall we? If you need clarification on anything, please feel free to PM me. Just click on my username and it should become easy from there. Cheers!

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