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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Anyway, I had freaking orientation today. Been up since 6:00AM but awesome for me, I have work the next day, which means if I sleep now I'm going to be tired as **** when my shift comes up which is an overnight shift. So I have to make myself stay awake until midday where I can sleep before work.


Times like this I feel cocaine would be useful...(then again, I'd have to avoid accidents at work since that's the only time they drug

I need to especially avoid just flat out crashing and knocking out....I'm going to try some caffeine but that usually only lasts a bit before crash.
am i the only member that abuses adderall on a regular basis? this stuff is 4-5hours of you're ******* awake, have energy and need to do shit xD

and the large at hardees.. i cant imagine i bet they just give you a 2 liter bottle of cola.

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