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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Its like cocaine without the paranoia and euphoria. If you take the right dose it gives you mental clarity, focus and energy. Essentially its your A game in a pill. This is why its so abused on college campuses, mostly for testing and studying for unnatural amount of hours straight without losing focus.

If you abuse adderall and stay up for 2-3 days this is pretty close. I stayed up all night partying once, took exams the next day, that night when I was going to sleep I had a family emergency and I took some more adderall. Awake for 3 days no joke, not so much as 5minutes with my eyes shut. Its some bad shit, I would not recommend anyone abuse it in such a way.
I didn't abuse it or take it illegally, I was part of the first generation of teenagers to placed on in in the mid/late 90's. I had to fight my parents and the doctors to take me off of it.
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