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Considering how hard it is to define the word "god", it's impossible to disprove that a god or gods exist, neither philosophically or scientifically. As someone before me wrote, there could be a "god" (whatever that is exactly) somewhere out there. But when somebody makes an extraordinary claim, (such as the existence o a god for instance), the burden of proof lies with the one making the claim, not the one denying it. Also, when I say "god" cannot be disproved, I'm obviously not talking about the judeo-christian-muslim God, which an be disproved both philosophically and scientifically.

A number of models for how the Big Bang could have happened without the laws of physics being violated have been presented by scientists, but unfortunately my knowledge of physics isn't enough to understand their calculations. However, when several hypotheses for a phenomenon exist, the general rule is to first examine the simplest one, i.e. the one most congruent with established scientific theories. And since the universe appears to be natural, a natural explanation is always simpler than an unnatural one.

Some people say that the beauty of the god hypothesis is that it cannot, should not, or doesn't have to be explained. However, that would reduce god to something that only consists of our gaps in scientific understanding, which means god shrinks as science progresses.


Regarding moral values, I don't see how they have anything to do with the god hypothesis. What we call moral values is a mixture of altruism and social control. That is, part of morals are instinctive while the rest is ingrained by the society where the individual grew up.

Altruism is common amongst mammals and birds living in groups, because it improves the survival chances for group individuals and thus provides an evolutionary advantage. It can be observed in animals as unintelligent as buffalo and vampire bats, but is more typical for intelligent animals such as dolphins, chimpanzees and humans. Solitary animal species do not typically display altruism.

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