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Originally Posted by Carlitoz3 View Post
I started boxing back in 2005 when I was in high school. Watched a lot great PPV fights which influenced me to join a boxing gym a few blocks from my house. That is when I found out I had a sensitive nose, I would bleed from the lightest jabs to the nose. I couldn't enjoy what I loved doing most because if I started to bleed, I had to breath through my mouth and consistently bleeding didn't help at all.

Is their ANYTHING I can do about this?
The bleeding didn't stop me from being physically active and taking up taekwondo, but I want to get into kick boxing. What can i do about my sensitive nose?

Don't know if this will help anymore. But I've had similar issues like this before. Many times I'd have chronic sinus issues, and that would cause nose bleeds from some things as small turning over with my face in the pillow. Here's a few tips:

1) Learn to move your head more. Don't take this harshly. When you have a sensitive nose that's prone to bleeding, head movement is your friend. It's one of the up sides of having a sensitive nose. When you realize you're not bleeding as much because you're no longer an available target, it's a real good indicator that you're indeed getting better.

2) Learn to prep the inside of your nose before sparring. How do you do that? Easy, get some nose hair trimmers and make sure the whiskers up in your nostrils are properly trimmed (you don't want the inside of you nasal passages bald, you just make sure it doesn't look like you're got a hanging plant in your schnozz). When they're good and trimmed, take some Vasoline on the end of a q-tip and coat the inside of your nose. You don't want to shove a huge glob down your sinuses, just a light coating. This will help the sensitive membranes squish and slide against each other instead of having whatever is up their smash or puncture the soft tissues.

3) Invest in a face saver. Yeah, shelling out $100 minimum for a face saver sucks, but so does having to stop sparring or having to mop up your blood inside of the ring between sparring rounds. Headgear is a chore to get used to, but it's there for a reason.

4) If all else fails, go see your doctor and see if they can refer you to an eyes, nose, and throat specialist. You might have something else going on that's causing the issue (with me seasonal allergies made it real easy to get nose bleeds) that you don't know about unless you see a doctor. If worst comes to worst, you might want to ask them about cauterizing the blood vessels in your nose. If they do that, it's a simple outpatient procedure that will take care of your nose bleeding issues for the next two years (easily).

Good luck.

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