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Dexter Morgan
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CC was banned because he always had this personal vendetta with the mods and admins here, it would go away but then come back worse and worse everytime. It was clearly disrupting the forums and I suppose there was more that went on via PM's and such. Our staff here do a great job of justifying bans, especially perma bans so it ust have been deserved.

When he came back on his Elite Bloodline account he said that a staff member gave him permission to come back but he was temporarily banned until staff could find out who the mod was that gave him permission. He still isn't back so clearly that was an untrue statement.

Bobby really changed, he was a cool guy and my personal idea of what happened is he read some type of article or watched a documentary that changed his life because one day he was some kind of American hating member that spoke very highly of Japan (which is fine, I like Japan). I am Canadian but his posts bothered me just as much as it would bother any American member, they were ignorant and simply stupid.

Also, when he debated he never offered facts or educated responses, he would state his position, then when you disagree he would resort to personal attacks or insults.

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