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Forum members dying?!

Hey everyone,

I have been meaning to make this thread for months now but I didn't know what the general response would be. I think of this a lot and sometimes it actually bothers me. In another thread I mentioned Stokes and when he faked his death and it got me thinking about forum members ACTUALLY passing away. I am no fan of talking about death so thats not why I made this. It isn't suppose to be any form of disrespect or anything.

I have been here a long time and I have seen many great members just dissappear, I know that 99% of the time they just never come back, life takes over or they grow out of the online community. However, ovbiously death happens all around us, it happens all the time. Joining an online community doesn't make you immune to death, have you ever thought that maybe the person passed away?

It happens all the time in our world, but on online forums the general concensus is just "He must just be busy"

People die at work, in their home, car accidents... I could go on forever... What about people here who just dissappear? This isn't meant to talk about SPECIFIC members, so I would like to keep from that, just the general topic.


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