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Originally Posted by Rush
Well what if your listening to music or viewing a link such as spoilers to upcoming fights and MMA videos. Those ads don't keep the site running. If you want ads make them MMA ads not some crap like emoticons and papparazzi. Thanks.
Invest in some decent security software that comes with an 'Ad Blocker' and 'Popup Blocker' in the program and that should take care of the annoying ads. Though, sometimes it can mess with viewing a certain web page, all depends on how everything is coded. It's worth a shot though if you're that annoyed with it. I used to get the stupid bug zapper one all the time with a constant bzzz'ing really loud. I just 'killed' the bug, it opened a pop up, I just closed the pop up and the damn thing shut up. There are ways around them, just use one.

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