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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post

Second round Anderson turned it up. He allowed Okami to take control of the Octagon in the first now it was his turn. He threw a plethora of shots and feints that confused em big time.

Then he planted his feet and jab countered multiple times and I didn't realize this but they threw jabs SIMULTANEOUSLY except Anderson sidestepped it by a "few inches" and snapped Okami's head back. Okami still hadn't retracted his jab yet that's why he got was another sniper shot except a warning for what was to come.

Now this is my favorite. Okami got up and stalked Anderson until his back was against the fence and guess what he let em. This was a TRAP. He went into his crouching Karate stance while Okami inched his way towards him subsequently throwing the left cross. Anderson dodged it and spun around and surprise...Okami was pinned against the fence. Then bam right cross counter dropped em and it was over.

So you see it's not that Okami handed him the fight. It was a very high level chess match with traps, diversions, and position plays all utilized for the end game.
yeah of course Anderson was trapping him, this was clear as day. Okami walked right into it, you do not go punch for punch with Anderson Silva, if you do you are an idiot. This is exactly what Okami got tricked into doing and it's why he lost, I was sitting there going "noooooooooo, what are you doing!!!!!!" bam fights over. Okami should have walked to the middle of the octagon, thrown an overhand right, head down, charge, double leg takedown. That should have been it, it's Okami's fault for standing flatfooted with his head up. I just can't give credit to Anderson when Okami decides to have a who is faster contest.

I see this fight like throwing lobs by Ed Reed, challenging Usain Bolt to a sprint, trying to outwrestle GSP if you catch my drift. Anderson is a human like anyone else who has weaknesses, but to play directly into his strengths is plain stupid. We have to wait until the rematch with Sonnen (if it happens) to see how good Anderson really is when someone fights to his weaknesses instead of his strengths. Is Anderson an amazing striker, absolutely. Can you call him an amazing mma fighter from his fight with Okami? Not really. In my eyes this was a case of Okami making Anderson look good, just like Forrest and Leben did.

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