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Does it bother you when you see fighters in boxing/MMA showboating?
I bring it up because I've noticed a few comments here and there about people who don't like AS and the way he fights and they say he's cocky, which i gotta say, I strongly disagree with. I think much like trash talk, showboating is used more as a psychological tactic, rather than just dissing your opponent or thinking your'e the shit. Yes, it pisses your opponent off, THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! It's suppose to disrupt their rhythm and take them off their game, Case and point, Okami.
And I don't think he's cocky or disrespectful. A cocky or disrespectful fighter wouldn't bow at the feet of his opponents after fights. A disrespectful fighter Stands over his hurt opponent and taunts him (Aoki), or spits at his cornermen (Bisping) or tries to get in a cheap shot(Daley).
I wouldn't be suprised if people who don't like AS's style and showboating are big Franklin/Griffin fans who hate himfor beating one of their favourite fighters and making it look so easy. I know when Calzaghe beat RJJ I HATED Calzaghe for taunted Roy even though RJJ made a career out of doing the same thing. But it was more to do with the fact that Calzaghe never beat a top-level opponent IN THEIR PRIME and I just felt he hadn't earnt the right to taunt a legit legend like jones.
Speaking of that, do people who don't like AS don't like Ali/RJJ/SRL too?

Sorry for the essay btw, lol
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