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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
Diaz isn't well rounded. He has decent stand up, ok submissions but is weak when it comes to wrestling.
Besides kicks and wreslting tell me something else he lacks?


Seems pretty well rounded to me.

Originally Posted by amoosenamedhank View Post
Why do people keep saying this? His last two fights barely saw the ground... He didn't exactly just lay on top of Hardy. He got the best of Alves in the striking department and he beat up BJ bad enough for his corner to throw in the towel.....

Please don't confuse his lack of finishing a fight with laying on a guy or dry humping him.
Well I can't tell you why "people" are saying it, but I can tell why I said it...mainly that it's GSP greatest strength and Diaz's greatest weakness. Diaz greatest strength arguably is in the stand-up, so why would GSP choose to fight him there? My comment isn't based on GSP's last couple of fights, it's based on his next title defense and what he is likely to do against the contender.

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