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Originally Posted by Soakked View Post

Well I can't tell you why "people" are saying it, but I can tell why I said it...mainly that it's GSP greatest strength and Diaz's greatest weakness. Diaz greatest strength arguably is in the stand-up, so why would GSP choose to fight him there? My comment isn't based on GSP's last couple of fights, it's based on his next title defense and what he is likely to do against the contender.
He might surprise you.... Everyone thought he'd try to sit on Alves but he did what he needed to do on his feet.

Originally Posted by box View Post
Because Shields had a chance to submit him, so GSP wouldn't go there. He takes down the strikers, and jabs the wrestlers. Its a strategy that works. He'll take down Diaz all night, and i'll be wanting to punch the screen, but what can you do.
I completely agree.. and that's a very nice attribute to have. My confusion more comes from the individuals who accuse him of lay n pray. He's not the absolute most active guy on the ground.... but in the BJ fight and in the Hardy fight, he definitely working for it.
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