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Originally Posted by AxL
for one Randy has not been retired for long so I would not be surprised if he came back within the next two years. As far as Michael Jordan goes: When he came back from retirement he was stillone of the ten or fifteen best players in the league. He had a crappy team who stood around and watched him do all the work while he tried to get them involved. It alsways tickles me when people talking about Joprdan's come back like it was an embarassment. The guy still averaged double figures in the N.B.A against the wiorlds best ballers. Could you do that. There are plenty of guys in the nba that could not. Enough bagging on Jordan coming out of retirement.
Shamrock deserves more respect than he is getting because win or lose he puts people in the seats and he has promoted this sport when no one else did.
well thank you for telling me everything I already know. Dude i dont know why you're turning this personal on me with your "could you do that" comments, I was just making a comparison, chill the **** out. No one is disrespecting Shamrock, were just saying its time to retire, and you're just looking for someone to trash talk with because of it
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