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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
everyone will be.

He's been working on his wrestling for a year (I know...), he can knock out any MW, he has the best coaches and training partners in the sport, and at his age this is his shot. Now. there might not be another. Wouldn't he be the man on this forum if he knocks Chael silly coming in for a TD then catches him in a triangle?

some people around here are stuck in time and can't appreciate a man's growth. (A) Kristoph is better than you think. (B) STANN HAS IMPROVED since then. (C) if you discount what he did to Santiago and Leben you are in the Nile. (D) The Chris Leben that he destroyed HAS IMPROVED GREATLY over the one A.S. beat. (E) I've still got rum left.

Belfort would be the easiest match for Brian. He beats him by mental strength. Every time.
That must be some mighty fine rum. is my take: Stann is a new UFC poster boy propped by the UFC's affiliation with the US military. Is he crap, no. Is he championship material, no, does the UFC want him to succeed, you bet your Forrest Griffen they do. Leben may have improved, but it is irrelevant as Leben too will never wear the belt, he is middling at best and his heavy hands is all he's got. Forget his win over the Axe Murder, as alas, Vandy is past his best before date. Krzysztof is exactly as good as I think he is, but perhaps not as good as you think he is - did that make sense? With loses to Ben Rothwell x 2, Brandon Vera and Stephan Bonner, I feel safe in my assessment. He's a tough SOB, but that is about it - I saw him the other day, man I bet he could collected a debt just by staring at you. Santiago...really...the guy has wins against a bunch of nobodies. They only time he has faced mid-tier opponents he has lost.

I appreciate your enthusiasm for Stann, but I think it is a little biased by your love of American wrestlers (Couture, Lesnar, etc). To each their own...I know I have my weakness in sports and like athletes/teams just because of some personal predilection.

Oh yeah...Anderson Silva HAS DEFINITELY IMPROVED, TOO.
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