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Originally Posted by "El Guapo" View Post
Whilst being roided up against Anderson with a busted rib :P
And Silva wearing his Gi and BJJ black belt at the walk in. People still don't get that Silva wanted the fight to be on the ground to make it a BJJ showcase after Sonnen's insult on Nogueira's BJJ credentials.

Originally Posted by mo25 View Post
Seriously when Silva puts his hands down I just start to lol cause I know that's the end of the fight. Once his hands are down Silva's opponent should just walk out the ring cause it's pretty much over..
When Silva puts his hands down it's definitely a sign that he has his opponent's timing and the latter is in big trouble.

Originally Posted by Leed View Post
Silva is ******* scary and just plain evil. Feeling out your opponent, making him comfortable in the first round and then just making him shit his pants in the second with all the intense movements and aggressiveness. Then he knocks him down with a freakin jab, subconsciously telling Okami "Hey, guess how a real punch will feel like". Then he fakes pity and lets his hands down, Okami feels better and gets knocked out.
That wasn't just a jab. It was an atomic clock timed jab right into Okami's forward momentum when the latter tried to throw a jab himself. It wasn't only like Okami got hit, it was more like him running face first into an invisible brick wall.

You can see how Silva had his hands down and let Okami throw a couple of punches first to get the exact timing. Doing that, Silva did not just know the velocity and reach of Okami's punches, but also when/in what intervals Okami would throw them. You could call it Silva's interpretation of Bruce Lee's "way of the intercepting fist".

Originally Posted by hellholming View Post
who honestly even expected anything different?
I expected something different and I'm almost a bit disappointed that I was wrong. I hoped for Silva knocking Okami out with an upkick from his back again, but timing it so that Okami would only have his feet grounded to be it legal this time.

I'm not disappointed with the Silva win though
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