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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
You don't understand fighting this isn't a video game where you can magically be proficient in any style you want at any time. Okami doesn't have the skills to implement that kind of gameplan and he wasn't trying to fight in any areas of weakness for himself. Okami's strengths are outside boxing, clinch striking, and top control. He tried two of those and lost handily in both areas and doesn't have the speed or takedown skills to get Anderson down with any regularity to get to his third strength.

This was all known prior to the fight. Okami fought exactly the way everyone should have expected him to because that is how he always fights. Some of you people are writing fan fictions not assessing fighters and matchups.
except that this isn't true... so yeah... one of his strengths is his takedowns, this was talked about ad nauseum before the fight. GSP trains in a way to implement a new gameplan against every fighter, Okami had plenty of time to train double leg takedowns in the gym and it's clear that's what he should have been doing. Telling me he couldn't formulate a strategy based on skills he already has while training with a fighter who implemented this strategy once already is ridiculous.

He never had a chance standing up against Silva and was dumb enough to try, he should have stood slightly back from the middle of the octagon head down, overhand right, charge for the double leg. Any fighter with half a brain and decent takedown skills (such as Okami) will utilize a similar strategy. Don't stand with Anderson Silva, don't go to the ground with Brock Lesnar, don't wrestle with GSP. This is how people become champions, they fight others where they are at their worst, not their best and they implement strategies that make it possible. Okami's attempts at zero takedowns from the center proves how poorly he fought. His first takedown should have been 5 seconds into the fight.
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