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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
except that this isn't true... so yeah... one of his strengths is his takedowns, this was talked about ad nauseum before the fight. GSP trains in a way to implement a new gameplan against every fighter, Okami had plenty of time to train double leg takedowns in the gym and it's clear that's what he should have been doing.

He never had a chance standing up against Silva and was dumb enough to try, he should have stood slightly back from the middle of the octagon head down, overhand right, charge for the double leg. Any fighter with half a brain and decent takedown skills (such as Okami) will utilize a similar strategy. Okami's attempts at zero takedowns from the center proves how poorly he fought. His first takedown should have been 5 seconds into the fight.
Okami did what he usually does and came out very aggressive and had a strong first round.

- Anderson Silva utilized lateral movement so it was very difficult to catch em.
- Okami did have Octagon control
- Okami initiated the clinched
- Okami put him against the fence
- Okami got kneed several times then he attempted the takedown

Then the roundhouse landed (TSN turning point) and to me that was almost like Anderson saying..."you remember that kick." Without a doubt Okami had flashbacks and it stunned em leading into the second round he wasn't as agressive anymore. In fact tentative.

Second Round:
Anderson flipped the script and went on the offensive. Okami was reacting to everything Anderson was doing. His game plan was shot out of the roof and it's certainly not the easiest to execute from an outside perspective. I gotta ask you have you ever played competitive sports. Sometimes (a lot of times) things don't work out whether it's circumstantial or it's forced by the opponent. In this case Anderson completely strung his opponent like a puppet master. To say a fighter should have done this or that is asinine when it's apparent he did try in the first.
Mind you he got stunned in the first (possibility of getting finished had the round not ended) and dropped with a jab in the second.

Then refer to my analysis where you said it was obvious that he was setting a trap. I don't think too many people could see that cuz I know I didn't til I reviewed it numerous times studying Anderson's movement intently. He does the most subtle things to get a reaction.

SO if you (Okami) were in there and you have a fighter who is as talented as Anderson throwing all these shots, feints, moving around, what are you going to do. "Oh I'll just take him down cuz that's what everybody does and I'll win the fight." If it were only that
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