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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
This is

A 1-2-power roundhouse is one of the most important combinations in combat sports. Keep doing it until you can do it right.

Turning your lead foot prior to throwing a roundhouse kick is pivoting your planting leg/foot, Turning = pivoting (synonyms). Whether it is done during the combination or after or before is immaterial, pivoting is pivoting.

Side stepping is crap? No, side-stepping is one of the most fundamental components of combat sports. Its called lateral movement.

Proper rotation of the body, and alignment of the leg, hip, spine and associated musculature of the leg, hip, core are where kicking power comes from. Almost all of the real power from a roundhouse kick come from the rotation.

Unless you are turning your hips, its physically impossible to land a kick with your shin bone or instep.

Practice and get it right, or quit.

So is it fair to say that things don't necessarily have to be perfect, but one must at least get a solid grasp of the basics?

Telling a weightlifter that deep squats are bad for the knees is like telling a kickboxer that footwork is a bad strategy...
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