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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
Takedowns are not a strength of his he is decent at clinch takdeowns and mediocre at outside shots. You are making shit up and again you think this is a video game where you can train a technique for a couple months and magically become great at it. He has been training wrestling for a decade and has a mediocre outside shot a couple months with Sonnen isn't changing that.

How many times did Maia try to get Silva down? His takedown skills are comparable to Okami which people don't seem to understand. Silva doesn't have bad wrestling Okami got stuffed with ease like 4 straight times on outside shots by him in their first fight.
If his wrestling isn't good why was it stated over and over that it was one of his strengths leading up to the fight, I'm not making anything up. He trained poorly and fought with a terrible gameplan, end of story. He had plenty of time to train his double leg takedowns, and it's almost exclusively what he should have been working on. You can deny it and insult me all you want, I know plenty about how mixed martial arts works and coming up with a good strategy and training in camp to implement it is what makes someone a winner or a loser. Okami trained poorly and had a crap gameplan, he had the physical tools and the time to train well but he didn't. Just because a fighter has fought one way in the past does not mean he is stuck there forever, it's up to the fighter and his trainers to create dynamic strategies. You are talking like no fighter can ever change their style which is 100% pure crap.
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