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Originally Posted by ViKtoricus View Post
Don't ever compare weightlifting to MMA. MMA is like powerlifting. They are underground sports that will never make it to the Olympics.

It is undeniable that a former Olympic Weightlifter who at least maintains his level of power and strength will have a much MUCH more powerful roundhouse kick than a "Muay Thai/K-1/UFC champion" who's been training for decades (granted of course, the Olympic Weightlifter at least is capable of delivering a roundhouse kick with optimal technique with full speed).

Like I said, do not ever dare compare MMA to weightlifting. I get offended when people compare inferior sports to a real sport.
Yea brah, weightlifting is like the true sport and stuff. They do that shit in the olympics, its like based on greek shit.

Brah if a dude lifts like 900lbs then he could probably like kick down entire bamboo trees and crush bricks with his balls. Technique is for pussies to weak deadlift 500lbs amirite brah?

True that brah, life is all about this weight lifting yo. mma is for panzies who try and hug each other and stuff, only test of a real man is how many plates i can squat.

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