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Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL View Post

even if he did plan on using the same gameplan as sonnen (wich sonnen probably did tell him to use) once you're in the cage its only natural to go back to your basic skills cuz thats what you know best, and i imagine being in there with anderson silva might want to make you fight the way you're most comfterble and use the skills that brought you to be #1 contender anyway

these things happened many times with guys fighting against GSP also...acutally guys fighting GSP usually do the opposite, they fight in a very different manner that got them there in the 1st place, they usually just stand still lol
I like your idea, a large part of me thinks Okami went in there and completely panicked as soon as he saw the cage door close. Generally a fighter with a gameplan will atleast try to implement it at some point so either Okami panicked and completely forgot it or he just never had one. Either way it was not what a well trained contender should do, which is why I don't get the extreme praise for Anderson after this fight. He's an excellent counter puncher, we already knew that. Okami should have been in 100% takedown mode the entire fight.

Watching the second round was painful, Okami standing still getting lured into a striking match at midrange made me wonder how Okami ever got a title shot. If there's one thing you do not want to against Anderson it's exactly that, standing in his range trying to box. I'm not trying to take credit from Anderson, it's more of a wtf was Okami doing. how can someone who claims to be a pro mma fighter make such a massive mistake.
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