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It's a very valid point and it's one that has been brought up many times in the past. In a street fight you do what you got to do to win. But, Sport is entertainment. Some people do not find the lay&pray style entertaining. As a fight fan, I do not mind watching a fight that consit of a lot of takedowns. What turns me away is the guy who takes an opponent down and does nothing but control him. Because they are so focused on not letting them up. Take a person down and do something with it, is what I prefer to see.

Fighters will find some success with the at all cost. Take them down and keep them down. But they won't make a lot fans or a lot money. They will also be the first to get cut if they were to lose a couple.

I like the fighters who fight to win, rather than fighting not to lose. If a fighter goes out there and tries to finish and displays heart and will, I will always tune in to watch. I could care less if they ever win a title or what their record is. Most of the MMA fighters and Boxers I have preferred to watch over the years never won a title and had half a dozen or more losses.

Some people like it, some people do not. But in the in it's entertainment, and if people are not entertained they are not going to watch. It is, what it is.
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