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Originally Posted by ViKtoricus View Post
I've done a few heavy bag training recently and I noticed that although things like side-stepping and pivoting add power to my kick, it is EXTREMELY HARD to do a jab+cross+kick combo efficiently in that manner.

When I cross, I simply position my lead foot on an angle that makes power-angle kicking feasible. I do none of that pivoting or side-stepping crap.

Yes, I do notice that my kicks are "better" and more powerful IF (and this is a big IF) I only do the kick as a single attack, NOT a part or the ending of a combo.

The power I can generate without doing the fancy stuff doesn't seem to be significantly weaker compared to the flashy, muay-thaiy, kickboxingy, taekwondowy bullshit being taught everywhere. I mean, if your glutes, hammies, and quadriceps have power (which is accomplished through a regimen of Olympic-style weightlifting and heavy squats), your kicks WILL BE POWERFUL. All you need is a rock-solid shin or instep and you're gonna be the next Cro Cop.

So seriously? Is it even necessary to learn things like pivoting your rear foot, swinging your hips, and side-stepping to be a successful striker? I thought this was all about efficiency?

If true martial arts are all about efficiency, then why do we have to learn these impractical, inefficient things?
Huh? Wow... My eyes are hurting.

To answer your question: Is it Is it really practical to swing my hips when doing a roundhouse kick?

Answer: Yes. If you're doing it right, it would be impossible not to.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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