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I'm not religious by any means. My beliefs lie somewhere close to the realms of science, but lean also towards science fiction. I believe in a Universe which is cyclical, in which there are infinite big bangs, and big crunches, and it is an infinite cycle. Meaning that every possible outcome from the birth of the universe to the death of the universe happens. And happens an infinite amount of times. And even though i dont believe in an almighty being, i still believe the morales laid out by religion are important for us to lead good lives as civilised people.

Whether God exists or not is largely irrelevant. If someones belief in God makes them a better person, or gives them strength, hope, whatever, then God then becomes real - as a part of us. God as an almighty being is perhaps untrue. Who knows. But God can be made to be real by being a part of each and every one of us by the actions we take, the way we treat others, and the way in which we live our lives.
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