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This is all common sense really. I dont think many people would argue this point.
But at the same time they have to realize that "FANS" the people that do NOT have to learn all areas of MMA are there to actually be entertained and not to win. So watching someone drag a person down and have Extra Soft Core Porn isnt very fun. I cant stand watching Soft Core Porn so Extra soft core porn is twice as bad. Even worse extra soft core porn is only guy on guy!!

When fighters complain about wrestling being boring they might as well just come out and tell the truth "I cant wrestle or stop people from taking me down which sucks really really bad when you are fighting someone who can do those things. But im going to try and pretend im saying this stuff cause i think the fans are not being entertained and that way i can score points with fans and hopefully lure my opponent into not using all his skills. AND if i do lose i can just play it off on wanting to be exciting and throw leather instead of just admitting that im not talented enough to learn high level wrestling"
That right there is what i hear when fighters complain about wrestlers.

But when fans complain about wrestlers they do have a point. MMA is supposed to be fighting and wrestling is far from being considered fighting. Wrestling should be a method to take someone down and to keep him down while punching him in the face. It shouldn't be used to take someone down and hold him down, that is not fighting. So people that like to say "Well you just cant appreciate MMA" are pretty much full of it. Wrestling can be exciting when there is a clean shot or slam or slick transitions. BJJ can be exciting when there is some slick grappling or some slick set ups or some risky sub attempts, basically just keeping active. vice versa, striking can be boring if the guys arnt committing to anything and are just trying to jab and run.

My point is you can be a boring wrestler but dont be surprised when you are winning but losing more fans then gaining them. Just come out and admit you dont really care about making it exciting for the people but instead you care about winning and only winning. I would actually probably really enjoy this answer instead of the typical playing dumb response we get "I have really no idea why fans dont like me, didnt they see how i transformed into a blanket and kept my opponent warm for 15-25minutes??"

(Jeeze i wrote more then i wanted to but you guys should read it anyway )

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