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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Yes. But, as I pointed out in my earlier first post, evidence suggests a universe so unfathomably large that the possibilities are endless. With this in mind, how can anybody be sure that the Earth and humans on it is anything more than a fishtank for some other beings? Evidence suggests there is in all likelyhood creatures/beings/life out there that is technologically vastly more evolved and advanced then human beings. These lifeforms could be capable of anything, including creating other life. And yet science will never concede this. that we might be but the simplest of amoebas in comparison to whats out there.
You are confusing things. First, science does concede that there is almost certainly life out there. Just given the vast number of planets that we know about in the universe, probabilistically speaking there should be thousands of other planets of life. If such planets exist, however, they almost certainly evolve in a manner similar to that described by Darwinian evolution. There is however, no evidence that the suspected life out there has technology more evolved and advanced than ours.I am not sure where you got this claim from, but I would be interested in what evidence you are talking about. Lets assume for a minute that you are correct, and there is a life-form out there that can create life. This is not a God as described by religions. This is simply just a highly advanced life forms. This life form would not be eternal, and no single life form would be omniscient and ommnipotent like Judeo-Christians describe. Moreover, this says nothing about afterlife, and, in fact, there would still surely be no afterlife.

So, I still feel Science is as blind as religion. By its own admission, the vastness of whats out there is incomprehendable. Therefore, science needs to also accept that there are forces out there that are also incomprehendable/unimaginable.
Yes. Science, unlike religion, admits that we don't know everything. But we are trying. That is the point. Religioun encourages us to not expand our understanding of the universe and life, but to merely accept the stories that are written iin the greatest fiction story of all time. We do accept that some things in the universe are difficult to accept (an infinite universe, no afterlife). It is difficult for our rather simply brain to understand these things.

We will NEVER as the human race ever physically go and visit any more then 0.000000000000001% of the universe. How is this a postion to draw any assumptions from?
What assumptions are you talking about here? If the issue I am trying to draw conclusions from is the origins of man, it has little to do with the .999999999999% of the universe. There is a plethora of archaeological and DNA evidence that shows we have evolved from a lesser species. If I wanted to know how old the world is we can look at good science that uses carbon dating. To be sure, we have a lot to learn about the universe that is interesting, but there is plenty of evidence on this Earth that contradicts many of the core tenets of major religions.

There is almost certainly no God or afterlife. Go enjoy life while we have it. And always be a good human.

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