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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Are you seriously suggesting that without knowing barely anything about the universe that houses us and that governs the very physical laws we exist within, we can conclude as to the true origins of man? For all we know, we've been planted here.

And, considering our current civilization is 10000 years old, and that in that piddly amount of time we have gone from cavemen to what we have today... In all likely hood there are species of intelligent life out there that have existed for millions of years longer then us. With that in mind how can you say with any confidence that:-

"There is however, no evidence that the suspected life out there has technology more evolved and advanced than ours."
He is right. There is no evidence, there is only a theoretical possibility. That's a difference.

Also, we may have evolved from caveman to homo sapiens internetensis in 10.000 years, which indeed is but a pure fragment of time in universal standards, but we needed 4,6 Billion years to transform from atomic matter to organic acid molecules to living cells and from there evolve to cavemen. That's about a third of the Universe's age.

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Way I see it, if we can create an environment where we keep animals, and to them, that environment is their universe?? Well... there's nothing to say the same isnt being done to human beings and we dont even know it.

I dont believe in god by the way. I simply believe in possibilities.
It is indeed possible that there is life out there so much evolved that we cannot significantly interact with it, like amoeba have a hard time interacting with humans, BUT that's still in no way comparable to a deity as proclaimed by the religions. Also, if there is a higher evolved life form, it is questionable whether it is worship worthy knowing that it keeps us only in a test tube.
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