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Are you seriously suggesting that without knowing barely anything about the universe that houses us and that governs the very physical laws we exist within, we can conclude as to the true origins of man? For all we know, we've been planted here.

And, considering our current civilization is 10000 years old, and that in that piddly amount of time we have gone from cavemen to what we have today... In all likely hood there are species of intelligent life out there that have existed for millions of years longer then us. With that in mind how can you say with any confidence that:-
That is exactly what I am saying. My point is simply that we have considerable evidence that we have evolved from lesser organisms, and can trace our family tree back to very simple organisms. That is true. Given this, for your assertion that we have been planted here as some muse for some higher life form, they would have had to place us here initially as simple organism and then let us evolve over hundreds of thousands of years to what we are today. That is logically inconsistent with your idea. Thus, the evidence that we have here on Earth does not line up with your idea at all, and having knowledge on the greater Universe is not necessary to address your question. That is my point.

"There is however, no evidence that the suspected life out there has technology more evolved and advanced than ours."

Way I see it, if we can create an environment where we keep animals, and to them, that environment is their universe?? Well... there's nothing to say the same isnt being done to human beings and we dont even know it.

I dont believe in god by the way. I simply believe in possibilities.
See above.

I think we share some similar views. But, and correct me if I am wrong, you seem to argue that there could not be a chicken without an egg. Put differently, we had to have come from somewhere, because it is illogical to believe that life just happened. For you, we came from some other life forms in the universe. The question then is, where did those life forms come from? Other higher life forms somewhere else in the universe?

It really doesn't fit within our mental capacity to believe that life can come from nothing. Realize, of course, that the process is much slower and complex than most people imagine. However, there have been some studies that have shown that simple life can be formed when combining some gases, water, and electrical activity into a space (which is what nearly all scientists believe the Earth was like when the first forms of life appeared on this planet). Those smaller life forms then evolved, some actually attached to each other in a symbiotic relationship, and eventually they began to form the more complex multi-cell organisms that became the even more complex multi-cell organisms, that became....

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