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My parents sent me to a privet christian school for six years and during that time I studied the bible, hell it was a class we got graded on and to this day none of it rings true.

Is god real? Thats a door of perception and wile Im still open to the idea god is real, the bible is bs.

I know Im not providing arguments but thats because I learned long ago if someone has faith in something that cant be proven how can you provide a argument that they will except? Its just a waist of time for both people.
If you watch this video on the scale of the universe and still think creation is by intelligent design then I dont think I can help you.

Just in the milkyway alone over the past four years they have found two hundred and some planets in the goldilocks zone, this means there are millions of planets out there that can support life, we have also mapped the human genome and can prove evolution on a micro and a macro scale to me this has much more merit than a really old book that has huge holes in its history.

This is a good argument and its funny you should watch it.
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