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Originally Posted by xbrokenshieldx View Post
Very abstract thinking here, and far too complex for my rather simple mind . I am not overly familiar with the science on the universe, dark matter, etc. Going back to the topic, and to the origin of humans (which I know you will say is inseparable from the origins of the universe, and I agree), the question I am interested in addressing, and one that is particularly relevant to the topic of the thread, is where did man come from?

As a proponent of science I will never say that it is 100% impossible that God does not exist. Such a statement goes against everything I believe in in science. But I can say it is almost certain that He/She does not exist. And I do not believe that is it "just as likely" that a bearded man in the cosmos created man (and the Earth) as it is that these things developed in the ways accepted by the scientific community (evolution, and even a "big bang" type event). There are a lot of things that we don't know, and maybe our views on the origins of the universe will change considerably over time. But it is much more likely, at this time, that the universe started with a big bang that it is that God created it for the purpose of creating man in His image.
Cant disagree with your point of view here. Its a valid opinion.

As to the origins of man, if I can stop with the seriousness and hazard a guess, I think its more complicated then Darwin suggests. There are so many coincidences regards our existence and earth, that im inclined to believe something otherworldly is involved. For example, the fact that *ALL* minerals and elements that exist in the periodic table are present here on earth. Every god damn thing! Every element that exists in the universe that we can detect is here. Every meteorite that lands here is made of compounds that are already here. I find that amazing! Also, that we have a single moon and sun, and when standing on earth and looking at them, they are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE! What are the odds of either of these things happening let alone both!

The way that cultures from around the globe all built pyramids at the same time! Even though they were supposedly unconnected. Cosmic Resonance as its called by some. Its all amazing shit that is as yet unexplained.

I dont know the truth... but I believe there's some magical shit going down on this planet regards humans and their evolution.

I'll leave my argument there for now! I'm in a good mood! I appreciate the debate chaps.
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