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It is more then obvious your martial arts studies and experience are very limited. Until you have trained seriously in aforementioned styles, you have no first hand evidence of their ineffectiveness.Also Your aggressive mannerisms show that you have not yet learned to contain your excess energy, which as a martial artist knows can be vital. Many modern athletes and trainers see the value in the traditional arts and use them to improve their chosen styles. 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu whizz Eddie Bravo admits to using certain Wing Chun techniques to by-pass his opponents guards. Also worth noting is that every martial art you mentioned is a traditional art. "MMA" is nothing but Traditional arts moulded to each fighters preferences. In time it too will be seated alongside Karate And TKD as a branch on the martial arts family tree.

Let me get this straight. You are trapped in a cage...with an opponent of equal size....for 15 minutes..... and yet you still couldn't defeat him?. What use is your art?
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