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The engine is officially sort of running Had more than a few setbacks, one of which is a good sized blister on the top of my foot but a video should be up tomorrow.

Got to the shop a little after 6 and got right after it. Plug wires on, fuel filter, oil and temperature sender, and a few other odds and ends.

Had to fill it with coolant through the thermostat housing since the radiator sits so low on the stand. After getting the housing off, started filling it only to find some plugs missing in the block. Coolant on the floor Cleaned that up, found some plugs and filled it again.

We were about to fire it up when we couldn't find the timing light. Jeff had loaned it out and it took 30 minutes or so to find the guy and get the light. Back at the shop now, but we don't have any gas, ran and got that.

It's not wanting to start so he adjusts the floats and try again. It comes to life. We bring it up to around 2000 rpm for break in when we notice the alternator isn't charging. **** it, if the battery dies we'll charge it and try again.

We're about 10 minutes into the 20 we need when the pcv coupling I connected the two lower radiator hoses with has melted on the ends and the hoses blow apart. I'm trying to turn the ignition off on the stand but it has a toggle you have to turn off that I didn't know about.

So I'm sitting there with 190 degree coolant spraying my feet trying to turn this piece of shit off and it won't work. My buddies yelling something I can't hear over the open headers so I turn the ignition the other way grinding the shit out of the starter Once the panic subsides somewhat I can make out that he is saying OFF! I hit the switch and it dies, three more gallons of coolant on the floor we clean up once again.

In this pic you can see the two ends of the hoses if you look close. This time I used a coupling made to handle the heat Have to take the upper radiator hose off and fill it again and since we have to start over we swap on the old alternator thinking that's the charging problem. We were wrong, it still isn't charging. **** it once more.

We start again and bring it back up to rpm. Sumbitch is sounding good and we run it for a while.

After 15 minutes the little crappy nipple we have on the outlet that would normally go to an overflow tank blows apart on the radiator sending another three gallons of coolant onto the alternator and shop floor

It's hard to tell from the pics because I'm hurrying to take them but you can see the spray on the left hand side. The engine is probably good to go now but we're gonna change the oil and filter and tidy up a few things before running it again tomorrow. If everything works out, I'll have a video to post

Once the engine is good to go I'll be putting on the clutch and transmission and begin the install into the red jeep. This seems to be taking forever but it's gonna be well worth it. Obstacles are gonna be conquered like mad!

Thanks for reading as always. Comments would be nice too
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