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Originally Posted by The Lone Wolf View Post
Neither agreeing with you nor disagreeing with you here, just throwing something out there.

How do we know that other civilisations that exist/could have existed are not as destructive as us humans. War is human nature, so why not the nature of any other advanced civilisation?

For all we know, every civilisation that has ever existed could have waged war on each other, like we humans do, and wiped themselves out? After all, we're not too far from that outcome. One crazy leader pressing the big red button and the shit could hit the fan and before you know it, hundreds of red buttons are being pressed and the planet is turned into an inhospitable wreck of nuclear fallout.

Not to mention that as technology advances, so does the deadliness of armoury.

You see what i'm getting at?
All very true. But, if the universe is as obscenely large as suggested by science, there is every likelihood of all kinds of civilizations. Some human like... some so far away from human like that we cant see, hear or detect them. There could be life that exists within a millisecond. Likewise, there could be life where 1000 of our years is but a blip to them. My point is, that even though I agree there are probably other civilizations out there with tendencies similar to humans, eg, like to develop weapons and kick shit out of each other.... there are others that operate in a completely different way. There must be trillions of lifeforms types. Not all of them will be fighting against each other. For all we know, the need to compete and fight could be a human condition. Theres no way of knowing. This shit is so far away, we will NEVER get to go and see it. Not as long as humans are un-united and as war with themselves.

IF "god" is out there... I think he/she/it is nothing more than other universal life. Its that simple to me. However, I still feel the reality is nowhere near the bastard bullshit that organized religion worships blindly. They all need their heads examining.
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