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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Beautiful sig dude! Only issues I see are 1)I think the text is a bit too far away and in your face, it draws the eye away from Silva. 2) smokey mist effect has two diagonal lines that run the length of the sig on either side that are a bit distracting, it stops the flow.

Those are only 2 small gripes I have (and tbh I always critique a sig when I see it, as I prefer to have mine critiqued) and personally I love it.

If that were a Penn sig, I'd rock it.

I always enjoy some nice critics, especially coming from someone who knows his Photoshop, like you do.

1. the text - i did feel like it was a bit too bright and i thinkg i will tone it down a bit. As far as position goes, i will play with it a bit to see how it looks like

2. the diagonal lines...aaah yes.
Actually that's what i was looking for in the first place: to create something like a "spotlight effect". A light-bean, that comes from the top and spotlights Silva.
And since i never done it before i looked for tips and pointers on the web and i found a pretty simple one. Although i worked a lot on it to tone it down and not make it that visible.

But now that you pointed out, it does look a bit too distracting.

Will try to make it less visible and see how it looks.

EDIT: did another one and i have to looks smoother without the diagonal lines being visible...and made the text a bit "less important" and put it closer to Silva. Thanks for the suggestions Kry. Always welcome!



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