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Originally Posted by mo171083
hi bro,
thanks for that! I actually timed myself this morning and it was 23 minutes, aso thats 2.6 miles(exactly) in 23 mins. Doest that sound any better. The thing is you read a thousand different acticles that say a shitload of different things. I mean some say that you should only use running as a form of burining a few extra calories, which i do not particularly agree, as i think there are definate physiological/psychological benifits.
So you think that you should always be trying to beat your time? I mean, i do that sometimes but, somedays you dont feel like it (i hate running).

What about 185lbs/5 11" for a middleweight? does that sound right? I mean i have visible abs n i am in good shape, but everyone keeps telling me that im too small to fight in that class! Ive also heared that someone whos my weight shouldnt run too much as it is bad for your joints!!!
well some what on topic.. for a 28/29 year old what is a good time for a mile and a half?

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