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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
I AM saying LnP is justified. Wresting is a martial art just as much as BJJ or Muay Thai, should we take those out of MMA?

Its called MMA for a reason, learn to sweep from the botton or to stop a take down or stop fighting.
Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
What's your point? that's pure wrestling, this is MMA. You need to adapt to your situation.
So you think that LnP is wrestling and that since its a part of wrestling that it deserves to be allowed in the UFC??
But then you turn around and say that those are "pure" wrestling rules and this is MMA??
Isnt that a bit contradictory? LNP is NOT wrestling, just as much running away from your opponent is not strking, or hugging against the fence is not clinch work.
Wrestling is a mixed martial arts and SHOULD be allowed in every sense of the word but LnP is not a part of it. In a wrestling match you are NOT allowed to take someone down and stall, so why in MMA where you are actually allowed to punch,sub,knee,transition,slam,etc, is LnP so common and okay?? In wrestling you cant do any of those things and wrestlers still find ways to be extremely active. I think LnP does need to be looked at more carefully because its getting common and its ruining the sport of MMA. At the very least fighters need to do what Chael did in order to stop from being stood back up. Chael wasnt doing alot of damage with every punch BUT he was being active and allowed himself to give room for Andy to sweep him or roll or any other thing you can do to get back up. Fighters instead take someone down and throw a punch every 10 seconds and the other times are playing handsy. Its pretty hard to sweep someone if he just plans on holding you in the same position. These guys are usually the same size and close skill level. The way you sweep someone is by tricking them or taking advantage of a slip up. But when you dont do anything BUT hold on to the guy then your not giving any opportunity for the guy to trick you or for him to capitalize on something. Sure it will lead to you getting the victory but it will lead to the sport of MMA being a holding contest and many unsatisfied and angry fans. Simply put.. it ruins the sport of MMA. Being stricter on LnP does not mean getting rid of the art of wrestling.

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