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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Yeah, a good wrestler is Chael Sonnen who controls and pounds opponents. That is a good wrestler who tries to finish an opponent. There were times that he got close to finishing Silva.
Basically the reason i dont mind Chael is because he is constantly working. You know how much easier it would be for Chael if he just held on and threw a punch every 10 seconds?? There would be absolutely no way to get him off you. When you are constantly throwing punches then you leave openings for opponents to sweep or reverse or even pull a submission like a triangle off. Sure if Chael fought like Fitch or GSP then he probably would have walked away as the champion. But Chael and everyone else knows that MMA is a fighting sport, you HAVE to fight. If you dont do that then dont complain when you have zero fans. Why should people pay to watch someone when all they do is hug their opponents to a decision?? Sure the fighter gets the win so he is happy. But the crowd doesn't get anything except boredom, disappointment, angry, ETC. The sport loses its appeal and leaves room for comments such as "All they do is hug on the floor, ufc is boring". And sometimes no matter the amount of knowledge you have, you will be sitting there with your non mma fan friend and you will literally not have a single way to disagree with him. The best you will be able to say is "Yeah bro but this isnt normal this guy is just lame". And TBH i kind of DONT think that GSP fits in that LnP category. But when you know what GSP can do it pisses you off to watch him threading that line.

LnP is not wrestling. If anyone ever goes to a wrestling meet they would NEVER see the type of laying on opponent strategy that you see in MMA. Wrestling is very high speed normally i dont know where this rumor came from that LnP is wrestling. Comments like that are completely absurd. You dont call hugging someone a clinch do you?

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