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Originally Posted by Rush
How does Chris Leben have a big mouth? Hes just gay thats it. If you think hes a trash talker then he must be the one who is the worst at doing it. Tito uses facts and intelligence to make fun of people thats why he is one of the best at it. Phil Baroni used to be in the UFC, thats why hes in the poll the title is "Which UFC fighter has or HAD the biggest mouth". Frank Trigg did low blow Matt Hughes terribly and then he lied at the end and was like "I thought he was out because I punched him more and more" or something like that. I hate Frank Trigg I'm glad St. Pierre ended his UFC career.

Well you didnt have that bro so dont play stupid , you're original thread title was "WHO IN THE UFC HAS THE BIGGEST MOUTH ?" then you only listed 2 fighters . And did you nto watch TUF 1 season , Leben has one of the biggest mouths ever

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