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It's been mentioned before that the full guard position in BJJ should count as much as a wrestler on top not doing any damage.

Now, IMO I think a BJJ fighter pulling guard should count as much as a wrestler getting a takedown. Hypothetically, if nothing happens after this, I say the BJJ fighter who pulled guard should win the round. Obviously, the fight would be stood up well before the round ended which leads to the next scoring sequence.

I say GnP should count as much as submission attempts. How much GnP to equal one submission attempt would be determined in the eyes of the judges.

Additional points would be awarded from the fighter on top who is able to pass the guard and additional points will also be awarded to the fighter on the bottom who is able to land effective strikes off of his back.

Perhaps a successful sweep from the bottom could count as much as a takedown as well.

Now with all of this being said, I think a defended takedown should also be awarded points. Definitely not as much as a successful takedown but perhaps 1/2 or 1/3 the value. Some say this shouldn't be installed because the fighter going for the takedowns is the aggressor and should be awarded the points but I don't put takedown aggression in the same light as striking aggression. A striker who throws 10 punches that are all blocked should still be awarded points rather than his opponent who successfully defended the strikes. However, when a takedown is stuffed, I feel as if the fighter who stopped it seems the more dominant one in that situation because they were able to keep the fight where they wanted it.

^^^ This is the closest set of scoring rules I could come up with that would make everything more fair for the non wrestler and also leave them with no more excuses.

This is also coming from a guy who wrestled all his life

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