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Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post
hahaha, I assure you it's just the angle. I look nowt like Dan hardy... Also, my chances of growing a Mohawk are slim seeing as my hairline dissapeared over the horizon about 6 years ago

Inter thought he was beating me at Fifa the other week... I didnt have the heart to tell him it was my daughter giving him a tough game hahahahaha

EDIT: I wear a hat from october through to March... It's the only downside of having no hair
BAhahaha! Awh damn, I'm sure Inter will be fuming when he reads this! You guys need to all buy PS3's. Or I could get an, you all get PS3's

Better downside than the effort it took to not look like a tramp when you have ass length hair. God that shit was annoying. My personal favourite thing so far about having no hair is how quick a shower takes. It's amazing! I have so many feckin hats anyways, my head will appreciate them during the winter.

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