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Got the sleeve out of the crank about as easy as I thought, mangled and ugly. Just grabbed it with a pair of pliers after this and it came right out.

Now the new one fits like a charm

About this time I was getting pretty excited. Since I had the shop to myself I planned on having the new engine and tranny swapped in by 3 o'clock and start on the next step.

Went to put the clutch on only to find that the clutch alignment tool sent with the clutch would not fit inside the pilot bushing. I should have took some pics of this part but I was getting seriously pissed off. Imagine someone trying to lineup the engine on chainfalls with the input shaft of the 250lb tranny while it sat on a bench. Talk about frustrating Finally said screw it and drove the 15 miles to O'reillys to look at their alignment tools. Found one with the correct size and spline count but the end that goes into the pilot was too small. Decided I'd just wrap it in tape to make up the difference. Problem solved.

Get back and install the clutch.

Next, I have to get the trans and transfer case out of the red one. Pull it in and start dissasembly.

One of the bolts that hold the clutch linkage to the bellhousing was broken off so I had to get out the drill. Centered the bit and drill it completely through to the other side. I do this every time I need to deal with a broken bolt ever since I broke an easy out off in another bellhousing just like this. Those easy outs are hard as hell and take forever to drill through. It came out easily though. Rusty is happy

Luckily someone down the line had changed the bolts to hex heads instead of those dumbass ones that AMC used, thank god. Here's the dirty bastard on the floor. This combo will be going back into the white one to make it driveable.

Only thing left to do was to put the throwout bearing on the transmission input shaft, install the clutch fork, bolt on the bellhousing, and bolt the engine to bellsousing.

Come to find out the factory jeep throwout won't fit over the input shaft on the Ford tranny. About this time I'm seriously cussing Novak. They made no mention of the bearing and when I asked which clutch and fork to use they said to just use the Jeep stuff. I run back to the O'reilly store for a Ford throwout. Over the phone their measurements seemed close enough but when I get back to the shop it's loose on the input and won't work with my clutch fork. Those mothereffers at Novak are gonna get belittled via phone call and email tomorrow. They're lucky they weren't working today because someones mother was going to be insulted.

Two 30 minute trips for nothing, numerous snags, and me being a greasy bastard by this time had taken the wind out of my sails. I cleaned up the shop, tucked my tail between my legs, and came home

I almost feel sorry for the guy that answers tomorrow at that place but not quite. They've single handedly taken at least a month away from this build with their ineptitude and ignorance. Between the tranny mistakes and now this bearing problem I'm gonna let them have it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have another update in the next few days. Maybe have to move on to the power steering swap or the tilt column change in the mean time while I figure out the bearing situation.
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