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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
I absolutely understand what you are saying. The only problem is that it takes GRRM 4-6 years to write each book... so if I had gotten into them sooner, I'm just be waiting more .

I'm excited for you for what you still have to read, especially the second book.

Once I'm done with A Dance with Dragons, I'm going to read Ghost Stories, the most recent Dresden book.

Then, my mom has been begging for me to read some book series called "conversations with God." No matter how many times I tell her that I'm an atheist, she still doesn't get it. "I just know you'll love this book, it reminds me of you." No... it sounds like a book based on a character I don't believe in, and it reminds you that you don't like the fact that I'm an atheist. Whatever, I'll deal with the pain.
Someone loaned me Conversations with God years ago. Don't feel bad about giving that one a miss.

I picked up a book about what I was ready to dismiss as another privileged white girl's account of her varied and super special eating disorders, but she is actually a decent writer, apart from constantly giving in to the impulse to name-drop her reading lists from college, like, get in line, honey.

Older Swplet's friend, who is two years older than older Swplet, left it here. It was called "Wasted" and I mistakenly thought it would be an account of drug addiction and alcoholism, which TBH are much more interesting to me than eating disorders. It's (relatively) free of self-pity and offered a few eye-openers about the clinical attitudes of that time (1998) toward eating disorders and womens' health in general. I'd like to think there's been some progress in the interim.

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