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Originally Posted by rommyaali View Post
If you workout every day.
What is the best time for it? Before or after working out or in the morning?

Firstly i'd advise against working out everyday, your body needs time to rest and repair itself. If you really feel you have to work out everyday, make sure you dont excercise the same muscle groups two days running.

As for whey protein, your body has about a 2 hour window after your workout where calories, especially protein, are targetted towards the excercised muscles. However, you also have to consider that it takes your body about an hour and a half to 3 hours to actually digest and get the nutrition from anything consumed. I'd advise sipping on a protein shake and an energy drink throughout your workout, and then finish your protein shake immediately after your workout (the energy drink will help replenish your glycogen stores and allow your body to absorb more protein). Try to include about 100g of oats in your shake too, as the carbs help your body to process the protein.

Good luck.
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